Ingénue Scholar

University College Cork

I studied Philosophy, English Literature, Psychology and Italian at University College Cork.  I previously had a sojourn (two years) studying Physics, which was joyous and character-building but didn't satisfyingly tackle life's profounder questions in the way Philosophy later would.

Veteran Scholar


After completing a proper two-year M.A. in Philosophy (1st Class), I was accepted at Durham University for a PhD programme in the Philosophy of Mind/Psychiatry.  This drew on the Phenomenology of Heidegger as a starting point. I had the honour of being a Tutor and occasional Lecturer here for five years. Fabulous.



As a student of human nature, I love to travel.  I have had the great fortune to have travelled to many absurdly beautiful places - Venice, Budapest, Vienna, Transylvania (twice for that extra vampire thrill) Salzburg, Hull.  Somewhat distasteful of being the 'mere tourist' I spent some months living in Northern Italy, three years in Spain, and over 10 years in England.



I taught English in Spain for three years. Later, I taught Philosophy (Political, Ethics, Aesthetics, Mind, Philosophy of Religion and more) at Cork University, and later at Durham University.  I have taught Philosophy and R.S. at Second Level since 2009.

Leadership Roles


I was the Managing Editor, and Book Reviews Editor, for Durham University's Philosophy journal for a few years. I have lead the Philosophy and R.S. Department at my current school, with some success, since 2012, and the Economics and Business Departments for 18 months.  I became an Associate Assistant Headteacher in 2015, and an Assistant Headteacher in 2018.

Mindfulness Lead & Trainer


As School Mindfulness Lead, I have lead on the introduction of Mindfulness to my current school, and am a qualified trainer.  I have always been interested in madness and mental health, and teenagers today, especially girls, are under severe pressures.  I introduced Mindfulness practice to help the girls manage anxiety and to hone their focus and attention.