...to the centre clearing of my digital life.  All my electric paths (holzwege, if you will)

lead to, and from, here.

About Me

Fussen, Bavaria

My Experience

I studied Physics, English Literature and Philosophy, in this order, but got swept away by the latter and pursued this passion to PhD level. I have worked in many fields - catering, theatre etc. - but have worked as an Educator for twenty years. I have been in leadership roles since 2012.

My Skillset

Though I may, understandably, be mistaken for Jason Bourne occasionally, my expertise is in different areas.  I'm a critical and creative thinker, able to communicate with passion, lucidity, and enthusiasm.  My key areas of knowledge are Philosophy, English and Religious Studies.  I have a good knowledge of the Arts, and am a qualified Mindfulness trainer. I'm passionate about the importance of Education, and of Mindfulness meditation in schools.

My Passions

Apart from the woman I love, and have been graced enough to be loved by for over twenty years, I have a number of passions. Since childhood I have been fascinated by Horror, the Uncanny and the Fantastical in literature, film and the Arts generally. I'm a film muso, a book-enamorato, and avid painting-looker.  I have a deep love of the mystery and wonder of Magic, particularly Mentalism.  My skills may not be those of Derren Brown but I'm a 'Gentleman Amateur' and a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

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I hope the rest of your day, or night, is nothing but kind to you.

Francis O'Sullivan